Friday, December 10, 2010

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

After an election where the only resounding message that seemed to cross partisan lines was the public's intolerance for government spending and a growing deficit....... The first major bi-partisan action taken by the lame-duck congress is:

Extension of tax cuts that aren't, and were never paid for, even for the wealthy........ Spending.

Extension of government unemployment benefits for another year..... More spending (The spending that I support, however....for whatever its worth).

Its like the two parties are arguing over the steak or the lobster on our dime.... and their compromise (to each other, mind you. Not to us... god forbid) is to buy both.

Atleast the Democrats are sacrificing their ideals to extend benefits to those that really need it. The Republicans are sacrificing their hatred of helping poor people to coddle their money interests.

This bullshit is why voter turnout is so low in our country.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Would be much more interested in your thoughts on the subject if something you read hear bothers you. Too much of the political discourse in this country is deliberately polarizing, alienating and dehumanizing. I believe we can disagree but still coexist and speak civilly to one another. To have grown up discussions and lively debate in the name of the greater good.....

    Unless you're a Republican. Can't stand those guys