Sunday, January 31, 2010

Danner Boots

From Danner's website.....I mean shit.... they say Craft like four times in the first one.... Fuck, my boot OCD says I need Mountain Light's in my life....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Richie The Barber

Richie is third generation Barber. You will be offered Whisky. If you wear a mustache your haircuts are always half-price. You needn't look further for a great classic man's haircut......or a Beaver Trim.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1000 miles and runnin..

So i recently was able to tag along, on location, in Pine Mountain 2 hours north of our beloved Los Angeles for some filming of a horror movie titled "Gravity Hill".. (super rad crew by the way) I had very little details of what i should pack other than to bring warm clothes...

Now after taking in this nothing short of breath-takingly beautiful scenery, please refer back to the picture of my face that easily reads are you fucking kidding me with this shit?!! I live in la for shit's sake!! Snow like this could easily kill me couldn't it?? I mean i've heard things and seen it on the interweb..

However once i plugged the bleed, or adjusted to the cold, what have you, i realized what a perfect way to really beat the shit out of my 1000 mile wares, and god damn it if i didn't do just that...

Shown next to a virgin pair on our very own door step where they are still available, eagerly awaiting certain adventures to be had by YOU'RE feet.. Yea YOU!! (just sayin, it is a business)..

I've been wearin these gems for the last two months with relative consistency, and this recent trip to the snow was just icing on the cake in terms of boot beautifyin ya understand.. That's a little jive for the square readers.. And that be what it is!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Craft is hitting the road!

We'll be in NYC Mon-Wed for the shows, and then out in Paris at the end of the week for Capsule. You out there? You showing a line? You know a place that makes a mean sandwich? Hit us up.

Store will still be open usual hours.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Ride for Slanket

Did you know that those corporate fatcats over at Snuggie are also ripoff artists?? Thats right. Ten years before the Snuggie, there was the Slanket. Born in 1998, here is their story.... as told on their website...

"One subzero night in 1998 during my first semester of college I could not escape Maine's winter bite. While watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien I decided I needed to tear a hole in my sleeping bag so I could keep my upper body warm as I channel surfed during the commercial breaks. During Christmas vacation I commissioned the first Slanket to be made by my mother...and it was born.

Everyone behind the
The Slanket is on the same level when it comes to life. Besides creating a product to make people comfortable and warm, our life goals are not to accumulate mansions, SUV's, expensive watches and closets just for shoes. What we want in life is to travel the world and experience all its cultures while representing humanity positively. Whether surfing in Costa Rica, snowboarding in Austria, or studying language in South America and China, we love to spread our sleeves and let them flap in the wind, giving back in the process. BUT... there is nothing like coming home, wrapping up in THE SLANKET on your own couch and feeling the warmth of your friends and family.
Jesus.... think these guys smoke any weed?

Anywho.... Fuck Snuggie. Get your Slanket game right. They even have a two person model... The Siamese Slanket. Take that Fatcats

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sale Time!

Effective immediatly, if not sooner:

25% off:
All Kicking Mule Denim: 1950's and 2010's Raw, instock

All Toyo Enterprises: That includes all Sugar Cane, all Buzz Rickson Fleece, and all Lone Wolf and Buzz Rickson Shoes:

SC Pants: 1947's Raw, 1966's Raw and O/W, Rainbow Okinawas Raw and O/W, Union Star RHT Raw, and the Corduroy workpant in three colors.

Tops: Buffalo plaid jac shirts in Blue and Red, and Buzz Fleece in two styles

Shoes: Lone Wolf Tan Suede Hunter Boot and Buzz Rickson's Officer Chukka (My personal favorite)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Woo, friend of the shop, and gifted tattoo artist at Shamrock Social Club came by today.... Wearing his Rogue Territory Statons, Mechanic's Shirt, and his month-old Wolverine 1000 Mile boots. The horse is an '09 HD 883, striped and kitted.

I'm sorry/You're welcome.....

You need to be reading Don' This fool reminds us that the best part of the internet is how easy it makes it to anonymously torture idiots. Each rant is spawned by a Craigslist post he responds to....

Original ad:
670cc commercial wood chipper/shredder for sale. Little bit of rust but works great. Contact Joe - ***********
$4000 OBO
From Me to ***********

Hi Joe,

Is the wood chipper still for sale?



From Joe ****** to Me:

Yes, I still have the wood chipper.

From Me to Joe ******:

I don't have $4000, but what I do have is $200 and a need for use of a wood chipper for about half an hour. Would I be able to rent it from you for $200?


From Joe ****** to Me:

I don't see why not. What are you using it for?

From Me to Joe ******:

Don't worry about that. So would I be able to swing by and pick it up in my truck, then bring it back about an hour later? I can leave my driver's license as collateral.


From Joe ****** to Me:

First you need to tell me what the chipper is being used for or you can find someone else.

From Me to Joe ******:

Okay, I'll try to explain my situation. My cat just had a litter of kittens, and I can't get rid of them. I tried giving them to my friends and putting ads online, but nobody wants them. I even tried releasing them into the wild but they keep coming back to my house. I can't stand these little fuckers pissing everywhere and clawing up my furniture. So I figure my next option is to put them down. I can't afford to have it done professionally, so I think a wood chipper would be the next most humane way. I looked up your model and saw it has a 6 inch input, which I think will be perfect for me.


From Joe ****** to Me: No.

From Me to Joe ******:

Why not? It is an easy $200 for you. Can't you just pretend I took it to mulch some wood?


From Joe ****** to Me:

No. You are a sick sick sick sick sick person.

From Me to Joe ******:

I'll give you $250 and throw in a free kitten (not mulched, of course). Plus, I thought about my plan some more, and I decided to put meow mix all around the input, and just leave the kittens near it. That way, if they get shredded, it is their own damn fault, and my hands are clean.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolution: Less Bullshit, More SRV

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We Ride for Soda Pops

Great new sandwich joint opened up the street from us. Independently owned and operated. Food is the truth. They feed us at the store atleast 4 times a week.

Above: The Flank Steak & Blue: Balsamic marinated, grilled flank steak, Carmelized onions, Blue Cheese crumbles, and grilled radicchio, on a crusty french baguette.

Oh and they make their own chips: Dill, Cheddar and Bacon, or Salt & Pepper

Now go eat. Support your local enterprise.

Reclaimed Wood and Scrap Steel. Thanks Derek

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, Here we come.