Friday, February 26, 2010

Re-posting this for the from Cheesewheelthruyourwindow ..... Their blog looks pretty good.... and they call me a dick head, so you know they've got their heads screwed on straight. Come by the store sometime fellas.... We got something for you.

" yet another installment of 'a streetcar named revival', i am exposing another perpetratin' bitch waxing poetic about things he's overheard in his extensive retail experience or that think tank denim university for dummies that rhymes with Shmrose Shbowl (*note tongue planted firmly in cheek). the above proclaimed "vintage expert" writes this open letter:

but what this poseur throwback fails to realize (*so eloquently put by a real insider, below) is:

"...Bill is a dick head. He’ll just complain to try and make himself seem cool. Doesn’t he realize that consistancy in denim design is a very recent thing? Two pairs should never be exactly the same. We’ve always encouraged people to try on a few pairs to find their perfect. And the 1947 has ALWAYS been a slim fitting 501. AND when he says he’s had 40’s 501’s, which one is he talking about? The pattern changed about four times in that decade..."

yup, that about sums it up!"

Farm Tactics Crew Neck T-Shirts. Beautifully Slubby. Made in LA. Five Colors $38

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elvis is the Homie

Great interview segment stolen off of The Sartorialist this morning. From our good friend Elvis Mitchell's show, The Treatment, found on KCRW.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rin Tanaka Interview @ Inspiration LA

My Alma Mater, Ladies and Gentleman.....They are SO fucked

Lower Merion School District sued for cyber spying on students

Lower Merion School District officials brag that they give every one of their 1,800 high-schoolers laptop computers to "ensure that all students have 24/7 access to school-based resources."

Instead, they ensured they got a 24/7 sneak peek into students’ private lives by secretly monitoring webcams embedded in the laptops to spy on teens and their families at home, according to a federal, class-action lawsuit filed this week in Philadelphia.

The suit alleges the remotely controlled covert cameras violate everything from the Fourth Amendment to wiretapping, electronic communications and computer fraud laws.

It was filed Tuesday on behalf of Harriton High student Blake J. Robbins and all Lower Merion students by Robbins' parents Michael and Holly Robbins of Penn Valley.

Named as defendants are the school district, the district's nine-member Board of Directors and Superintendent Christopher W. McGinley.

The Robbins seek unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, as well as an end to the "spying," according to the 17-page complaint.

The family first learned of the embedded webcams on Nov. 11, when Harriton High's Assistant Principal Lindy Matsko reprimanded Blake Robbins for "improper behavior in his home," according to the lawsuit. Matsko cited as evidence a photograph from the webcam on the boy's school-issued laptop.

The lawsuit does not specify why the photograph was objectionable.

Because the webcam can capture anything happening in the room where the laptop is, district personnel could illicitly observe plenty more than a student's online activity, the lawsuit alleges.

"Many of the images captured and intercepted may consist of images of minors and their parents or friends in compromising or embarrassing positions, including, but not limited to, in various stages of dress or undress," the lawsuit charges.

The Robbins' attorney, Mark Haltzman, couldn't be reached this morning. McGinley and District Spokesman Doug Young did not immediately return telephone calls for comment today.


I feel like a 16yr old girl on facebook.....

Mister Freedom porn: Shown with my Levis Type 1 555, and Wesco Japan's Narrow Engineer


Back: *If I knew how to take a picture of my own ass in a mirror, there's no way in hell I'd advertise it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nail. On. Head. If Sara Palin ever holds public office again, I move overseas

*Took this video down until I can figure out how to have it NOT autoplay everytime the damn page loads* Christ, thats annoying

Hill-Side Spring is Here. New fabrics.... Scarves.... Don't sleep!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fuck Cancer

Nearly two years ago Leukemia took my younger brother Josh away from us. Tomorrow, the 4th, would be his 24th birthday. Josh was a phenom drummer, and gifted all around musician. He was a kind soul to his core, and felt more empathy for other people than I can muster for myself most days.

His band, The Brakes are an amazing group of guys. Look them up on iTunes.

Don't take any shit from anybody, and never hesitate to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Life's too short

Miss you bro. Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When you start messin' with my cheese..... There're going to be problems. For shame McDonalds. For. Shame.

McDonald’s: McDouble to replace $1 Double Cheeseburger

November 5th, 2008, 6:36 am · 86 Comments · posted by Nancy Luna, Staff Writer

McDonald's $1 Double Cheeseburger

McDonald's Double Cheeseburger contains two slices of cheese, while the McDouble will have one slice.

To keep prices down for consumers without undercutting its own profit,McDonald’s confirmed plans to replace the dollar Double Cheeseburger with a new sandwich dubbed the McDouble.

The McDouble is identical to the Double Cheeseburger except it has one slice of cheese. When the menu shift occurs, McDonald’s is expected to raise the price of the Double Cheeseburger to $1.19, McDonald’s marketing executive Greg Watson told the Chicago Tribune.

McDonald’s declined to say when the change will occur to the Dollar Menu in Southern California. Here’s a statement Watson sent me this week:

“Our customers tell us that value is important. And we are listening. The recommendation to add McDouble to our popular Dollar Menu reflects that we’re not only listening - but we’re responding - by providing our customers even more choices, with the everyday affordability our customers expect,” he said.

In making the Dollar Menu change, he confirmed that McDonald’s will eventually “adjust the price of the Double Cheeseburger.”

“We want our customers to know they can depend on McDonald’s to provide the everyday value and convenience they’ve come to expect, every time they visit our restaurants. These recommended changes will ensure we continue to satisfy our customers’ tastes and wallets,” Watson said.

MFxSC Spring Preview: The Riders Chino

Pics of these have popped up on the interwebs, so I figured it'd be a good time to mention them, without that cache of being the snitch..... They revisit the Rider's Dungaree's pattern (sizing is the same, as some forums have asked...). One amendment is the addition of suspender buttons. Stitching is navy, as was seen in the fist edition MFxSC Chino from a year ago.

These will be available in-store the third week of February at $399.95. If you want to ensure you get a pair from the first run, we are accepting pre-orders now. Shipping on all pre-orders is free, and if you're LA local.... We'll even buy you a sandwich from Soda Pops

Extremely Excited and Honored to be the Newest Place to Find MisterFreedom. Special archival stock is availible in-store now. The full Spring line avail. 3rd week of Feb!