Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Levi's,

Despite the fact that I own a clothing store, that sells Japanese jeans that are widely accepted as superior to current LVC (i.e. Sugar Cane...), I found myself feeling weird about not currently having a pair of actual Levi's to break-in. For nostalgia's sake. To show due respect to a garment that is an uncomfortably and awkwardly big deal in my day-to-day existence, both professionally as well as personally.

So I went to pick up a pair at my local LVC account (ahem...rhymes with Shamerican Shmag). They stock '47's raw, and thats what I wanted. My complaints are as follows:

1. Stitching is erratic. Comparing three pairs of the same size I found different fly stitching, different thickness stitch spacing on the coin pocket (i.e. 1/8'' vs 1/4''), and general sloppiness.

2. First pair I tried on, the waistband button came off in my hand. Not a big deal, but still. Not inspiring confidence

3. Sizing. Really guys? Really? This is what late 40's jeans fit like? I've worn 1940's Levi's before; had them on my person. I'm a true 34, and wear anywhere between a 32 and 34 in all the major Japanese brands. Your 34's were so tight, I didn't even try to button the top button. And if they ever touched water, it would've been a complete joke. I had to buy 38x38's to get a flattering, vintage-straight fit. A fucking 38?! Seriously? Why are these so undersized?

But you know what Levi's? I bought them anyway. I bought them because I wanted a pair of Levi's. Your brand is legendary. Your brand is important. I know LVC has been a circus for years, and its a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of your total business. But if you could fix it, that would really be swell.

Yours Truly,

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