Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things you're missing out on in the shop!

A few shots of stuff in-store that hasn't gotten any inter-web love yet....

Hudson Bay print wool Peacoat and scarves from Monitaly....

New stock of vintage has finally arrived. Patina so nice you'll smack yo' Mama!

Deadstock Navy issue beanies in black. Only $36! Three left. Call the store.

Sugar Cane Light, Corduroy carpenter pants. Lined back pockets. Hammer Loops. Button Fly. Comfy as a sum' bitch. The Navy blue is the same fabric seen as lining of the Mister Freedom Mulholland Jacket. $246

Buzz Rickson Officers Chukka. Only three pair left! 8E-9E (Buzz shoes run big. Buy your RedWing or Alden Barrie/Trubalance size)

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  1. Came across your blog when I was searching for Farm Tactics- love this coat for a guy and for myself!