Wednesday, October 28, 2009

La Muerte Siempre Llega

This last Saturday we celebrated Dia De Los Muertos here in LA. Although the actual days of celebration throughout Latin America are Nov. 1st. and 2nd., Hollywood Forever cemetery celebrated this past weekend. Traditional observance includes building altars honoring their deceased incorporating skulls, flowers and favorite personal belongings of their departed. A few of the hits from this year's event...

Marigolds are a very traditional flower used in these altars. The skulls dates backt to ancient Mayan and Aztec rituals in which families would keep the skulls of their loved ones for good fortunes.

Obviously alot of Dodger fan tributes, maybe this guy will rest easier next year.

food offerings also include "pan de muerto" which are often shaped to look like faces and skulls

The most poignant of the altars this year was this one...203 empty milk jugs in memory of the 203 people who died trying to cross the border into Arizona, many of them of dehydration. In addition residents in border towns across the state are being arrested and charged with littering for leaving milk jugs of water for the migrant travelers. Read more about the fight here:

One of the best of this year, dedicated to all musicians. I love the mini version of each along side the full scale. These were at least 8 feet tall!

More to come tomorrow....

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