Saturday, October 24, 2009

Daily Carry

This is the shit in my pockets/on my belt all day every day. I have mild OCD about shit in my pockets, and where everything goes, so trust me, this is not a topic I take lightly. Add in the fact that I'm diabetic, so I have extra shit (life saving shit) that I need to have on my person at all times, and I hate having to carry a man bag, and I hate huge squares faded into my jeans from phones etc..... These are the problems of the modern man in LA.... In a depression....Shit's complicated

I do, however, love the relationship that develops with the few possessions that I actually use, and handle every single day. That vibe is what attracts me to wearing the same clothes day in and day out. Despite the fact that I'm buying new crap way more often than I'd like to admit, in my heart I'm always trying to boil my wardrobe down to the bare essentials. Everytime I find something that I "must" have, the lie I tell myself is "You'll wear this everyday, forever.". . .which usually lasts about two weeks.... until I find the next holy grail thing that I need to wear everyday for the rest of my life.... Fuck, I'm weak. Atleast I have good taste. Fuck you for judging me.

*click on the pic to see the whole thing, pending me learning how to use fucking blogspot*

Glassses by SEE
Leather Case by BillyKirk
Wallet by Mr. Winter
Spyderco Police Issue
Work Keys/House Keys/Truck Keys

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