Monday, October 26, 2009

Rogue Territory

So my buddy Karl (NOT the guy pictured above...He's a professional male model...clearly) came to see me earlier this summer with samples and sketches of the inaugural season of his line, Rogue Territory. Karl's that guy set up in the back corner of American Rag, quietly making $400 custom jeans for the denim elite who know well enough to come to him for their jeans....... Crap, now I kinda feel bad I didn't show Karl's picture at the top of the post....

(Fuckin' Karl)

The line pissed me off....... Pissed me off in the way that I know I'm gonna end up padding my store order plus 1 in my size in everything offered..... Goddamn it Karl, I'm a broke shopkeeper...I don't need new clothes, stop making me do this...

The fabrics are all super tasty...The trim and finishing are exactly where you'd expect them. Custom rivets. Custom doughnut buttons. Lined pockets. Hand-cut and branded leather patches. Hand Screened pocket bags. All there, done right.

Love the warp/weft indigo dyed 12.5oz Karabo denim featured in the work trouser and the CPO-style mechanics shirt. Super inky, breaks quickly. Chambray's are Indigo and Grey, crosshatch texture.

What really got ME geeked about the line though were the fits. Shirts are tailored and slim. Sleeves are long. The result is a silhouette that is flattering and body conscious, but masculine and nonchalant. Really quickly, the line is:

Three, five pocket styles range from skinny to straight. All selvage: The Slim Straight and Standard fits are 14oz Cone Mills, the Skinny in 13.5oz Kaihara . A trim and modern interpretation of classic lines. Think more APC than Sugar Cane....

Slash Pocket Work Trouser. Along with the Mechanic's shirt, these are the real stars of the collection. Chino-style slash pockets in front, patch pockets in back. Avail. in the double indigo denim (raw) and Brown denim (vintage washed).

Chambray Workshirt. In Indigo and Gray, vintage washed. Oxford style button down collar (with the all important third button at the back of the collar to keep things crisp).

Mechanics Shirt. Trust me, you want one of these. I took mine out of the order first, put it on, and haven't taken it off since. I will be days ahead of you on breaking mine in.... How many days ahead is up to you. Don't sleep. These are more limited than I'd care to admit.

All in stock, in store, here now, immediately....... soon......... No, I'm fucking with you.... the shit's here, get at us.

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