Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Support Local Enterprise..... With bacon, and a large diet coke...

Buy from your neighbors goddamnit! This particularly applies to cheeseburgers. Irv's Burgers, on the corner of Santa Monica and Sweetzer in West Hollywood is as local, independent, and old school as it gets.

Been there since 1950, and now owned by the sweetest little Asian family ever, Irv's Burgers serves big, hot and fresh burgers (kinda Fatburger style, but better). Visit three times and the boss-lady Sonia will remember your name and order for a decade. And expect cute little messages (and often cartoons) scrawled on your plate when your foods done.

(Sonia drew my fedora on my plate today....)

I always feel at home here. Like my Mom prepared my lunch the way she did when I was 5, complete with stickers and my name on the lunch bag..... Except Mom's burgers aren't nearly this good.

Oh, and they even deliver. Cash only though, the man don't need to know about nothin'. Holla

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