Sunday, August 15, 2010

PROUD members, of a very exclusive club!

Our first delivery of the superlative Japanese label Kapital, will arrive at the end of this month! For those of you that are familiar with the brand, we needn't say anything further. For those of you being introduced to it for the first time, Kapital is perhaps THE most inspired, and well executed Japanese apparel brands. Fabrics are incredible, fits are intriguing and poetic. Their lookbooks alone serve as fodder for more of the American fashion business than many would care to admit.

We will be carrying a solid breadth of the Fall and Winter collections, the first delivery of which will be center on 5 Pocket denim. Kapital's goods are RARELY seen outside of their own mono-brand stores in Japan. We consider ourselves extremely lucky and are honored to have it on our shelves. Stay tuned!


  1. kapital is amazing. whats incredible is they did all the production for 45 rpm and it's ran by a couple of people. they make american brands like jcrew look like idiots with their gross corporate greed and trying to blend into the cool guy scene. boycott jcrew and welcome kapital. also, check out the dude that puts the book together erik kvatek.
    the dude is incredibly talented.

  2. I'm in total agreement there - Eric Kvatek is a Free & Easy staple and incredible photographer, and Kapital is finally starting to get the mainstream love it deserves in Japanese publications. Count me in for a pair!

  3. This is awesome news. Be sure to put up plenty of photos once things arrive.

  4. how can i get copies of those catalogs?
    ive been trying to find out for a couple years.
    im in NYC can someone help me out?