Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am ready for my first Motorcyle: Do I go Harley or Triumph?

Looking for opinions from the Craft LA faithful....

Kinda dig the Iron 883 stripped down, with the mini-apes OR....

Go Bonneville and Bob that thing out too....

As my Mother says, "Everyone gets a vote, then I'm deciding on my own"...


  1. It's a bit like "Pulp Fiction". "Elvis or Beatles? And I can tell by your shoes you would be an Elvis fan." Take a look at your shoes.


  2. either is perfect bill good luck!

  3. You can't go wrong with either and there's a million different looks with both. You'll find your own thing and that'll be that.

    Ride safe and look sweet...

  4. I'm facing the exact same issue. Think I'm leaning towards the 883.

  5. it all depends on your budget . 883 is pretty crappy so, if you have the money go with the shovelhead. I am a triumph guy but, triumphs are a major investment. you have to commit to it because something always breks down. it's like dating a super high maintenance chick that you will easliy get annoyed by . check out and see your selections.

  6. anything that starts with a button is not the real thing.