Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Look what the denim fairy put under my pillow.....

The Californian's are done!

(Yes, I'm fat)

Spoiler alert!! The "M"s on the back pockets are functional! They hold down the pocket linings that cover the bottom half of the pockets, and follow peaks of the M....

And you think YOU'RE a denim nerd?? How do you like my industrial air-mover jean drying method? 25 minutes and they're bone dry. AND, no wrinkles; they dry perfectly open. Take THAT


  1. They are $250 a pair. As always, email us at Info@craftworkwear and we'll get you hooked up!!

  2. my best friend C. Loiron would be surprised to see their 5 pockets pants with this sophisticated drying proceed !!!great idea !!!!