Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Ride for Hotel Toshi

Hotel Toshi is a great example of a brilliant new trend in and around New York. Fully furnished apartments rented out by the day, like hotel rooms. Essentially a day by day sublet, but you get clean sheets and towels, maid service, and an amazing amount of space for the money. We got a sick little 2 bedroom in Williamsburg for $150 a night! Cheap as shit, and fit three grown ass men comfortably. If you just need a place to crash, and not all the hotel amenity bullshit, this is totally the lick.

Plenty of scams on Craigslist that pretend to be the same thing..... so heads up. Hotel Toshi is legit. $500 deposit done through paypal, and refunded within hours of checkout...... Nor did they bitch that we smoked pot in our no-smoking room (it was 4/20 afterall).

AND they had Yeungling in the fridge at the office when we picked up our keys. Good job people!

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