Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Rag can suck my balls

So I spend 45 minutes on La Brea today. Went over there with Jeff to see if American Rag had any good fitting chino's. Shot the shit with Max and Karl from Rogue Territory for a while.... I ended up finding a killer pair of 60's or 70's OshKosh painters pants for $30, bought 'em. Do I need my parking validated I ask? Nope.... they don't validate. They'll see the bag and know whats up, is what I'm told by the cute chick who rang me up.

Afterwards, I can't help myself, and we walk up to see the homies at Undefeated to see what they were pushing. Bought a pair of new Native crocs.... that are ill as shit, for the record.

On the way back into the American Rag garage, I hand my ticket to the attendant.... "six dollars please" she says.... Oh, no, I said, see, here's my bag... I bought something, I'm good. "No, you have another bag... that means you have to pay $6".... horseshit! I go back to the store to explain, show my receipt, and get whatever validation I need....

I get Sara, one of the managers. She looks flustered and bothered to begin with. "Read the back of the ticket" she says dismissively.... Excuse me? There must be some mistake here... I came into your store and spent money... I'm a paying customer! You're telling me that since I spent 12 minutes up the street after I shopped in your store, AND was foolish enough to come back with a bag, that I now have to pay for parking? Mind you, she couldn't even muster that much of an explanation... only that it said on the ticket... yadda yadda yadda... and we were shit outta luck. Not a mention of "thank you for shopping" or even a minute of her time to hear my situation. Why didn't I get validated? she asked... Because the person who helped me specifically told me I didn't need it.... Who helped you? Fuck that... I'm not a snitch... I'm not diming out the cutie (who was right behind us during this whole ordeal mind you), who already has to deal with your spiteful ass all day long.. I don't remember who helped me.

We leave.

Then the cool lookin old dude Security Guard tracks us down and stops us... already in the car at this point.... to push the issue even further...... The fucking security guard! Over six goddamn dollars! From someone who spent money in the store! He knocks on my window and tells me if I ever park in there again, he's gonna tow my car.... Oh yeah tough guy? Go fuck your self. I don't even have plates on my car yet. You gonna tow every black Cadillac that parks in there? Blow me.

Moral of the story: TERRIBLE customer service!! WHY....WHY.....WHY in god's name would any business like theirs risk pissing off paying customers, over six dollars, in a parking lot that was 3/4 empty at the time any damn way! Maybe you were having a bad day Sara... But for christ's sake.... You owe us an apology. I'll wait.......


  1. Only a cunt would charge parking at their own store...yeesh.

  2. for your info AMERICAN RAG just closed its doors last week end in SAN FRANCISCO .......poor service over priced stuff and a lot of hipster's attitude.....got your reveange here

  3. I never understand a company or store that treats it's customers rudely...I try to use the golden rule in business. The rule is, be nice to whoever's got the gold!

  4. I had a similar experience there. A story: I was planning on moving from Colorado to LA. I contacted American Rag about a job opening they had. Talked with Sara. Faxed my resume. Talked with Sara again. She loved the resume. Said she had a perfect position for me. When can I come out for an interview, she asked me. I told her to pick a time and date and I'd fly out. Over the course of this phone conversation, she asked three times when I could come out for an interview. I told her I'd book a flight for the end of the week and call her back. I did that. I called her back that day and set up an interview at the end of the week. She said she looked forward to meeting me. I called the day before the interview to confirm the date and time. It's cool, she says, I got you down for interview, I'll see you tomorrow. I fly out and show up on the date and time we agreed. She says she has no idea who I am and that she has nothing in the books about an interview. What?! But I talked to you yesterday, I say. No, you didn't, she tells me. Are you Sara? Yup. The manager? Yup. Then I spoke with you. No, you didn't. Original response. Well, could you do something, anything to help me out here, I just flew from Denver for an interview I tell her. I'll see if I can fit you in, she says. 20 minutes later we head to the back for an "interview." On the walk back she asks what position I'm interviewing for. I told her the assistant manager position she mentioned when we spoke earlier in the week. She then made some snide comment about how I called too many times this week about the job and how it was annoying. Funny, I thought you just said we've never talked before. She was smug the entire "interview." I didn't get the job, but from everything I hear about her and that place, I dodged a bullet.

  5. Yo, Fuck that spot the exact same thing happened to me for going to Union for a minute. I also bought something from both shops.

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