Friday, April 30, 2010

Pleased to announce:

We're so excited and honored to have added Denime to our stocklist. Availible immediatly are both versions of Denime's famous '66 model: (The Classic '66 on the left, the "New" '66 on the right)

The "Old" 66 is a traditional repro higher rise, with a '66 tapered leg and 14oz XX denim. (shown above)

The "New" 66 is a modernized version of the same silhouette: Lower rise with a smaller seat, and in a 12.5oz. un-sanforized denim.

Denime's fabric is well known for its coarse texture when new, and the handsome vertical falling that develops with wear. Both the 14oz and 12.5oz versions of this denim share these characteristics, however the 14oz uses thicker yarns that result in a slightly lumpier, thicker fabric.

You won't find these elsewhere anywhere on the West Coast. If you're in the market for a well built, unbranded jean with very Japanese textile sensibilities.... these are for you.

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