Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ok first and foremost let me say that this Michelle Mcgee is nooooot fly.. I personally do not ride for her, and who the hell tattoos their forehead any motherfuckin ways?? Fuck you Michelle Mcgee, you're gross and probably smell of pee.. I do however ride for Jesse James.. Yes that's right.. True, you're an idiot cause you get to (excuse me for this) bang out "the wildcat" from speed and you fucked up by inviting this creature from the blue lagoon into your lives, but i understand that's its a maturity thing. In no way do i condone infidelity but as a member of the sex, i get it man.. I mean did we all forget that this is the dude that was formally married to an adult film star before he married Bullock?? I have been following this on a few popular sites because it is my civic duty to roll with the underdog and this is no different.. that's why.. And to those of you (women) wondering why men cheat it's because of maturity, nothing beyond that, point, blank, period.. Look all i really wanna say for this is if Sandra Bullock rides for Jesse cause she knew what she was gettin herself into in the first fuckin place then i would support her for the Presidency.. Yeeeep you heard it here first, Sandra Bullock for President.. -JJS

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