Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mister Freedom Road Champ

Been wearing these on and off for the last few months. Love 'em to death. My favorite boots at the moment. Trying to get them some love before it gets too hot around here to wear them consistently

Here's what they looked like new: (pic from MisterFreedom's website... but it IS of my actual pair)


  1. Do the boots fit true to size?

  2. Jim-

    They run true to size compared to other, old school boot companies. I wear the same size as I do in Red Wing, and the fuller-fitting Alden lasts. Typically this means they are a full size smaller than most contemporary sneaker brands.

  3. Thanks, Craft, but just so I'm clear, if I take a 9 1/2 in a Nike sneaker, then you'd suggest I take a 10 1/2 in the Road Champ?

    Also, do you still like them after 4 months or so? I know- odd question, but some people have second thoughts after a few months (like not really liking the high instep strap after all). Also, is the black leather color fading, and giving you that "I've had these boots forever" look like they show on the Mister Freedom website? The reason I ask is that these are bloody expensive boots(as you know) and I really like the old, worn-in, vintage look. However, I would really appreciate your input as to whether or not you think they're worth the extra money, because I could get some custom made Wesco's for a few hundred bucks less. The leather may not be as nice on the Wesco's, but maybe the specially painted leather on the Road Champs isn't worth it. Any thoughts would be much appreciated...

  4. Jim-

    Regarding sizing: If you are a 9.5 in Nike, you're likely to fit an 8.5 in the Road Champ, as they run LARGE.

    My overall impressions of the boots are still really positive. They are very comfortable for a full day on your feet. The high instep strap is an attractive feature to me, as they differentiate the boots from other engineers. Regarding the color: These boots, to my eyes, are most assuredly BROWN in color, which the roll of the cuff, and gusset at the top in olive green. Christophe's pair has been polished with black polish to give it that brown/black mixed color often found in vintage boots. The aniline type finish the leather is designed to crack and fade over time, revealing the fleshy leather underneath. But this takes years of abuse!

    I am also a proud owner of a pair of the Wesco narrow engineer that wesco japan released last year. The wesco's weight more, and are significantly stiffer. The vamp of the Road Champs are much softer and unconstructed. You can see my toes wiggle. Overall they have a much older and more interesting looking vibe.

    Hope this was helpfull!


  5. Thanks very much, Craft, that was very helpful!

  6. do you use insoles? if you have to use insoles, would you go one size up? thanks.