Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fuck, its getting complicated....

So a Chinese company has agreed to purchase Volvo (15% discount given for the reader that leaves the best Vulva pun comment) , from Ford, for $1.8 Billion. The main plant in Sweden is to remain open, as it did under Ford's rule, but additional plants are likely to pop up in China.

So, my question is: Does Volvo get to keep its cool guy Scandinavia-Yuppy cred, or is it now smeared by Chinese ownership? Can they possibly do WORSE than Ford did with the introduction of the Jaguar X-Type
and the disastorous effects that had on Jaguar's brand image?

I wondered the same thing when Belgian company InBev bought Anheuser Busch back in July '08..... The media decided to harp on it for 72hrs, then InBev made a nice size American media buy....Used all the heavy Red State Patriotic Buzz words and convinced the Budweiser swilling public nothing had changed... All just a figment of your imaginations...... *Ripple Fade to Black*

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  1. Smeared, pap smeared and junked. Anything the Chinese touch turns to shit.