Friday, February 26, 2010

Re-posting this for the from Cheesewheelthruyourwindow ..... Their blog looks pretty good.... and they call me a dick head, so you know they've got their heads screwed on straight. Come by the store sometime fellas.... We got something for you.

" yet another installment of 'a streetcar named revival', i am exposing another perpetratin' bitch waxing poetic about things he's overheard in his extensive retail experience or that think tank denim university for dummies that rhymes with Shmrose Shbowl (*note tongue planted firmly in cheek). the above proclaimed "vintage expert" writes this open letter:

but what this poseur throwback fails to realize (*so eloquently put by a real insider, below) is:

"...Bill is a dick head. He’ll just complain to try and make himself seem cool. Doesn’t he realize that consistancy in denim design is a very recent thing? Two pairs should never be exactly the same. We’ve always encouraged people to try on a few pairs to find their perfect. And the 1947 has ALWAYS been a slim fitting 501. AND when he says he’s had 40’s 501’s, which one is he talking about? The pattern changed about four times in that decade..."

yup, that about sums it up!"

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  1. Thats why I tune in..... drama. Thanks Bill! "you really are a funny guy"