Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MFxSC Spring Preview: The Riders Chino

Pics of these have popped up on the interwebs, so I figured it'd be a good time to mention them, without that cache of being the snitch..... They revisit the Rider's Dungaree's pattern (sizing is the same, as some forums have asked...). One amendment is the addition of suspender buttons. Stitching is navy, as was seen in the fist edition MFxSC Chino from a year ago.

These will be available in-store the third week of February at $399.95. If you want to ensure you get a pair from the first run, we are accepting pre-orders now. Shipping on all pre-orders is free, and if you're LA local.... We'll even buy you a sandwich from Soda Pops


  1. Is the chino made of "Jungle Cloth" material?

  2. Thank you Sir! I passed by the store a few months ago and noticed a very beautiful Buzz Rickson Chukka calling my name...