Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When you start messin' with my cheese..... There're going to be problems. For shame McDonalds. For. Shame.

McDonald’s: McDouble to replace $1 Double Cheeseburger

November 5th, 2008, 6:36 am · 86 Comments · posted by Nancy Luna, Staff Writer

McDonald's $1 Double Cheeseburger

McDonald's Double Cheeseburger contains two slices of cheese, while the McDouble will have one slice.

To keep prices down for consumers without undercutting its own profit,McDonald’s confirmed plans to replace the dollar Double Cheeseburger with a new sandwich dubbed the McDouble.

The McDouble is identical to the Double Cheeseburger except it has one slice of cheese. When the menu shift occurs, McDonald’s is expected to raise the price of the Double Cheeseburger to $1.19, McDonald’s marketing executive Greg Watson told the Chicago Tribune.

McDonald’s declined to say when the change will occur to the Dollar Menu in Southern California. Here’s a statement Watson sent me this week:

“Our customers tell us that value is important. And we are listening. The recommendation to add McDouble to our popular Dollar Menu reflects that we’re not only listening - but we’re responding - by providing our customers even more choices, with the everyday affordability our customers expect,” he said.

In making the Dollar Menu change, he confirmed that McDonald’s will eventually “adjust the price of the Double Cheeseburger.”

“We want our customers to know they can depend on McDonald’s to provide the everyday value and convenience they’ve come to expect, every time they visit our restaurants. These recommended changes will ensure we continue to satisfy our customers’ tastes and wallets,” Watson said.

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