Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little courtesy goes a looong way..

..Pull into the parking lot.. Son of a bitch!!! Some jerk (with a sweet Maserati Quattroporte, but taste aside this is a rant of sorts) is parked in the spot that cleaaarly reads craft. Doesn't prevent the person from doin it though. And I'm thinking, undoubtedly this person is a discourteous (PRICK) "master of the universe" who thinks they have the power to park where-ever they please.. So I, followed this bad example, and parked in a spot that's not ours. But having every intention of leaving a strongly worded note for this creep on how this kind of action not only starts a chain reaction of a prickish free for all of space stealing, but is just plain rude and ill mannered.. When boom!! I see this note. A simple little courteous gesture that kinda says yea, I'm a prick, but never the less a prick with some manners. (I know what you're thinkin, and hopefully you caught it, yes there was a number to call at the bottom, but I removed it because the temptation to post it up in various bathroom stalls in our greater west hollywood area was present) And with all that said because the person simply just left a note, I didn't even bother callin to have em move it, I just took a small amount of comfort in the fact that although every one of us has our moments when we can be pricks, somewhere in that same moment the fibers of humanity and courtesy exist, ya just got to choose to utilize em, and when we do it goes a looong way..

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