Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back when I used to remember things....

By age 13 I knew I wanted Red Wings. I didn't have a clue what Red Wings were, but I knew I wanted those white soled boots that I always saw construction workers wearing. The ones with the stitching around the toe. The shape of them was just right....with that tall toe profile, that perfectly aged caramel leather, and the soles that looked so cool worn down and rounded out a little bit. But my shoe world, at the time, was only as big as Sneaky Pete's, the local sneaker store where I had been taken to get my sneakers at the beginning of each school year.

Then a life changing moment: We were on a family vacation (god knows where, and I'm sure we all were fighting).... and as I turned a corner in the shoe shop we were in, there they were.... Those boots!! In a store! That red winged logo!! And a brand name! Red Wing. Now I knew what they were. How to find them. It wasn't until college that I bought myself a pair, but it was that defining moment on vacation with my folks that I could put a name to the mystery shoes I was lusting after. They were real. They were perfect. My first boot love.

I am proud to stock Red Wings in my shop. They were just right before workwear was hip, and they'll still be just right after its passe to the masses.

In-Stock: 8139, 8878, 3143, 3144


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  3. What a shoe design! Is there a collection for women teenagers.I am 'looking for workwear shoes as part stilettos shoes and some kind of party wear.I found an attraction to your collection.