Thursday, May 6, 2010

By Popular Demand: Some evo pics of my Mister Freedom Bronco Champ

Got my Bronco Champ pretty much as soon as they came in over at MF.....Worn pretty well around town this past winter, but not abused too terribly. I ride four wheels, not two.

Love this jacket. Fits like a glove, and the horsehide is light but tough. Strength to weight ratio is everything!

We do sell the Bronco Champ, and have most sizes avail. in all the different versions. Free shipping anywhere in the world on these. Come and pick it up in the store, we'll buy you lunch at SodaPops....

Pics aren't the greatest, but they're "real"

Kinda hard to see here but the leather around the zippers shows wear spots first. The zipper pulls must rub when they're opened and closed. The aniline black finish rubs off to reveal the brown horsehide underneath. More prevalent on the main hookless zip, but was tough to capture with my iPhone.

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