Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Come By, Throw the Ball Around....

We're stoked for Opening Day. To celebrate, we're releasing these very handsome, handmade baseballs by LemonBall.

- Based on late 19th Century Lemon-Peel Style balls
- Chromexcel leather: Guaranteed to patina beautifully with use
- Hand stitched by Cooperstown native Paul Cunningham
- Slightly smaller and softer than modern balls. Consistent with balls used at the turn of the Century, and great for backyard games

Available in Brown or Burgundy Chromexcel. Come by the shop and toss one around for a while (We've even got a few mitts here).... You'll be hard pressed to leave without one. $36


  1. Cool stuff!! Wish I could come down to Southern Cal and check out your store. Pictured is burgundy, right? How does brown look?

  2. Nope, pictured above is the brown w/red stitching. Classic cigar brown chromexcel. The burgundy is a real black cherry color, and has black stitching. Both are dope.