Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Product!

New stuff up on the Webshop!! Two brands, that we are honored to have, and pleased to offer to our customers. Both completely handmade by honest gentlemen committed to their "Craft".... (get it?)

Fine Light Trading makes only the finest.... and HEAVIEST, 1950's Mexican souvenir style rings on the market. Hand cast, in solid brass, and assembled in Brooklyn by Owner/Designer Innis Lawrence. There's very little jewelry we think a man needs. One of these is on that short list. 5 Styles available now.

Grok Leather Goods are so fanatically handmade, watching Owner and Motorcycle enthusiast, Goro work at his Tokyo workshop is almost comical. Belt straps are cut from whole hides. Studs and screw heads are hand engraved. Belt buckles are laser etched...

(featuring the Grok Iphone case and lanyard strap)

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