Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Embrace the Pull-On

"In 1923, Red Wing opened a Dallas sales office. Soon after, the company began manufacturing specifically designed, western-style work boots. In 1953, the company introduced a line of western work boots under the Pecos name. The name was derived from a west Texas town near the famous Rio Grande River."

I'm happy to see more and more guys are man-ing up and wearing pull on boots. I've always thought they just oozed style. The sleeker profile makes them a little dressier than lace-ups (race-ups?), and the simplicity makes them versatile as hell. Peco's have a lower heel and rounder toe than cowboy boots, but more shape than an engineer boot so they make an ideal everyday pull-on. Get a brown pair to wear with your dirty jeans, or a beat up black pair that you can sneak under a casual trouser or even a tweed suit. Dean understood. McQueen understood...

A nice selection of vintage Peco's in-store right now. All American made. If you've never worn pull-on boots, come try on a pair. If they're already your jam.... We've got a few gems... your new (old) favorites may just be here waiting for you