Sunday, December 5, 2010

We made jeff put on Kapital and pretend to get a haircut. the neighbor's.....But shit.... you get the idea....

Kapital fleece Jkt, white muslin shirt, and Zipang (natural indigo) Cisco 5 pocket. Red Wing Moc Toe boots.


  1. he needs to ditch those fucking silverlake echo park coolio rayban glasses....those r for douche bag hipsters....

  2. Jacob:Baxter/Finley barber and shop.. "D" is it? As for my glasses, Douche bag hipster huh?? It's cool you can take jabs at me for havin a sense of style, I get plenty of nice compliments about my glasses from your girl, you should ask about me, what kind of glasses would you recommend for me?? Maybe they are for people who can't see and not hipster "d" bags.. Hey "d".. It's christmas time, why don't you pick out a new pair for me that you see fit, and bring em in to the shop, surely someone with such an eye for detail and style wouldn't just sit on his ass and make anonymous quips right? Unless you are solely just a spineless net nerd who's only outlet to be a tough guy is talkin tough on the web, I think since you are an authority on cool glasses you should accept my invitation to the shop, you bring a lunch and i'll bring your new teeth, it's for reasons like this I can't stand the web, gives punks like you a chance to keep bein punks.