Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kapital. Introduced

Natural indigo for days.

Lush textiles. Incredible feel

Manufactured in their legendary and unrivaled factory in Okayama.

Hand embellishment (Had a chance to spend some time with the head of the Kountry division on our recent trip to Tokyo.... Amazing)

Gypsy-Indigenous-Americana-Workwear, executed unlike anywhere else in the world.

Looks books shot by photographer Eric Kvatek (Whose resume is as impressive as is aesthetic).

Inspirational fodder for the industry for YEARS.....Now finally available for sale for the rest of us

We are proud to be amongst the obnoxiously short list of retailers of Kapital outside of Japan

Lots of archived lookbooks on their site to get you familiar.... and thirsty. And a new short video teaser of the Spring/Summer '11 show.... Get some

All pics are from the current GoWest collection, the first delivery of which is in store now.

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