Sunday, November 7, 2010

Preach on Brother.

"Being an avid reader of the exploits of my friend over at mostexerent, I am struck by how often the issue of value vs price comes into play, and agree fully with PG's succinct explanation of it;

"There really is no cheaper alternative. You get what you pay for. "

Pg hits the nail on the head here for me in an issue that I think more and more defines the sort of peron you are - living within your means is the most liberating stance you can take in the evolution of your style, but to live within your means doesnt mean settling for what is cheapest, it means having less but having better. A single great cigar, once a month, with one great meal is better than a hundred cheap smokes. Likewise with clothing, to be "cheap" often does you more disservice in the way you treat your own things. If you have two great pairs of shoes and three well cut suits, all of which you treat with something like reverence for the joy they bring you to wear, you will always look sharp.

So, for myself at least, after many years dealing with all things classic menswear, I have come to this conclusion - cheap is always just cheap. Less, but better, is the path of the quality man."

From the desk of the Rugged Old Salt

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