Saturday, November 20, 2010

1939 Clothiers: Look for the Eagle

We're pleased with how 1939 is stepping out onto the scene. As their breakout collection, we're rather impressed with the wearability, quality of construction, and manufacturing team 1939 has acheived. Victor went above and beyond with his American sourcing game. Fabric, buttons, hardware..... His sewing team cut their teeth assembling U.S. Navy uniforms for the past 20 years. This stuff is legit, well made, and handsome. That naval pullover? Fire. Hot fire. And don't sleep on the canvas carpenter pant. Only a few pair available... A great alternative to a denim heavy wardrobe
(Naval Pull-Over: $226)

(Duck Pant: $206)

(Denim Chore Coat: $198)
(Buckleback Trouser: $198)

(CPO Shirt: $152)
(Blazer: $198)

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