Sunday, September 5, 2010

You heard it here first: Skinny jeans are DEAD. Gone. Buried

I admit... I drank the kool-aid too.... 6 years ago..... Raw denim? And it fades cool? I'm in....

But somewhere in there the Internet took a wrong turn, and starting convincing gents to purchase jeans so tight they could barely button them up fresh outta the dryer.... Why? Yes jeans might fade faster if you wear them so tight the fabric is stretched within an inch of its life at all times.... But you wonder why the crotch blows out so quickly?? Don't even get me started on "stacking" (or accordion legs, as Mister Freedom calls them)

If you're breaking in your jeans to achieve a vintage fade.... Why wear them with a slew of artificial rules and habits?? They might look cool a year later, laid flat on your back deck for Superfuture pictures, but when they're worn they look SILLY... there I said it.

Why wear them so tight that they're not even close to flattering?? I don't get it. Try a true straight leg fit (they can be SLIM, if you prefer), with your favorite boots, you'll be amazed how much better they look. Not to mention its so much easier to find shirts that fit well, and balance your outfit properly if your jeans aren't absurdly tight.... Very few men look good in denim tights and a looser fitting chambray...

Buy your right size... hell, even size up one and enjoy putting your hands in your front pockets! You'd be amazed to find your pants more functional, equally handsome with repeated wear (ALERT! Jeans sized properly will still fade!), more "vintage" looking, and you'll achieve a REAL American silhouette!

Don't buy solely on what the internet tells you is good for you..... Buy what you KNOW looks good on you! You guys have more style sense than you give yourselves credit for! It is the quintisential difference between STYLE, and FASHION. Embrace pants that you can breathe in... Embrace some style.


  1. Amen!!!!!!!!! Fucking finally someone speaks the truth!

  2. I think you really have to draw the distinction between wearing super-tight jeans and wearing tapered jeans that aren't nut-crushingly tight. I've got several pair of "skinny" jeans true to size or sized up, and I think they look just fine. I don't have any problem finding a shirt to wear with them, though I probably would not pair them with my redwing work boots.

  3. One exception...if you're Joey Ramone. And, no one is.

  4. I don't think it's quite so easy as just saying "skinny jeans: wrong". I agree that the painted-on look was overdone (and I was as guilty of it as anyone), but there are still some dudes who, because of their proportions, look better in a slimmer tapered cut than a fuller "vintage" cut (when I wear "vintage" shaped pants, I look like a little kid Dad's gear). And frankly now the "vintage", full-cut style is becoming the "fashion" (read: sufu-approved) as much as the nut-crusher "fashion" was.

    I totally concur with the difference between "fashion" and "style", and to "Embrace some style", but the same "style" simply does not apply to everyone! The important part is to make a mature decision about what "style" is right for you, your body-shape and the needs of your daily life, regardless of what "fashion" says.

    In short, there's a balance to be struck there, and it can easily be overdone either way. But it can also be done right either way.

    (also I used way too many double-quotes in this diatribe...)