Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ignore the fucker and he'll go away!

There's such an uproar over this backwater moron in Florida who plans on burning Qurans tonight..... What should be done? Will it incite violence abroad? Should the government step in?

No! The Government shouldn't step in. I agree with Mayor Bloomberg on this one. It is the Pastor's free speech right to let everyone know that he's an ignorant fool....Even if (especially when!) we don't agree with it. But leaving it open for discussion... over and over again.... on the national news... only lends to the beleif that there are viewers who are rightfully undecided on the issue...

What really grinds my gears about this whole to-do is the amount of press coverage its gotten! In my eyes, the actions of one mis-guided, bigoted, ignorant jackass in Florida (god knows he ain't the only one down there... just sayin), does not justify nationwide press coverage! Its the media that's blowing the issue completely out of proportion, and making it a safety concern for Americans all over the world.

What are the parameters for getting coverage these days? Is it merely a question of how inflammatory (incendiary??) your message is? Even if its lacking any sort of factual base, common sense or popular support? Does the cable media have any scruples or hurdles anymore?

There have always been idiots out there doing and saying incredibly stupid shit.... but now apparently its "news".... This polarizing pandering to the partisan extremes for sake of selling advertising has got to stop. Grow up! And in the meantime... I'll be getting my news from PBS and BBC. CNN, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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