Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Sale: 25% off nearly everything in the store.

Thats right gentlemen! Deals are ripe for the pickin. Its time to make some room for a BIG fall season...(Kapital and Mt. Rainier begin to arrive in a month or less!!)

The Sale includes:
All Sugar Cane (Jeans, Shirts, AND Lone Wolf Boots)
MISTER FREEDOM (Yes! Its on sale! I swear it)
Buzz Rickson (a few nice crew neck fleeces left!)
Left Field
Kicking Mule Workshop
Farm Tactics
Rogue Territory (The brown Work Trouser has never been this inexpensive...)
Alden! (Sizing is limited... if you're a size 10-11, you're in luck)
Grok Leather accessories (Which you won't find anywhere THE COUNTRY)

In full recession spirit, we're even offerin' to feed you if you come in. If you make a sale purchase over $150 bucks, lunch at SodaPops down the block, is on us.

As always, we are happy to take orders over the phone at 310-855-3976 or via email at But no... I will not ship you your SodaPops sandwich.... That offer is in-house only.

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