Saturday, January 23, 2010

1000 miles and runnin..

So i recently was able to tag along, on location, in Pine Mountain 2 hours north of our beloved Los Angeles for some filming of a horror movie titled "Gravity Hill".. (super rad crew by the way) I had very little details of what i should pack other than to bring warm clothes...

Now after taking in this nothing short of breath-takingly beautiful scenery, please refer back to the picture of my face that easily reads are you fucking kidding me with this shit?!! I live in la for shit's sake!! Snow like this could easily kill me couldn't it?? I mean i've heard things and seen it on the interweb..

However once i plugged the bleed, or adjusted to the cold, what have you, i realized what a perfect way to really beat the shit out of my 1000 mile wares, and god damn it if i didn't do just that...

Shown next to a virgin pair on our very own door step where they are still available, eagerly awaiting certain adventures to be had by YOU'RE feet.. Yea YOU!! (just sayin, it is a business)..

I've been wearin these gems for the last two months with relative consistency, and this recent trip to the snow was just icing on the cake in terms of boot beautifyin ya understand.. That's a little jive for the square readers.. And that be what it is!!


  1. jive is good!..

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  3. great reference to n.w.a in the title and ice cube in the mug shot!